Welcome Lunch – February 22, 2011

Distinguished bar leaders and delegates, colleagues, guests, my friends!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you – who gave us the honor of joining me, the Israel Bar Association and the entire legal community of Israel – to this very special occasion of our 50th anniversary celebrations.  

This special joyous event enables us an exceptional observation of our warm relations with Bar Associations and other jurists' organizations from all around the world. I am delighted to see so many familiar faces from around the globe!

The 50th Anniversary is a symbolic milestone in the historic activity of the Israel Bar Association and the Israeli democracy. The Story of the Israel Bar is largely a significant molding factor in the current conduct of the Israeli legal world. 

In its fifty years of existence, the Israel Bar has developed from a small association to an organization comprised of nearly 50,000 lawyers. Just so you understand the ratio, in Tel-Aviv there is 1 lawyer for every 33 citizens. Such a large number has its downsides but also upsides. The Israeli society has many people scattered within it ready to uphold the rule of law, human rights, equality and social responsibility.   

Seeing you all here in Jerusalem is a true heart warming sight! I had no doubt that conducting the golden event of the Israel Bar needs to be at the Golden city, Jerusalem. The beauty of this city, the wonderful mixture of old and new, brings a unique atmosphere to it. 

I wish you the most pleasant stay here and I thank you for coming!

I am very excited to host you here with us. Hello and "Shalom" to you all.

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