Israel Bar Annual Conference 2010

Dear Friends

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you – who gave us the honor of joining me, the Israel Bar and the entire legal community of Israel – to this special occasion of our 10th Annual Conference.

This Conference enables us an exceptional observation of our warm relations with Bar Associations and other jurists' organizations from all around the world. I am delighted to see so many familiar faces from around the globe!

We, both Israeli and foreign jurists, have been gathering here annually for the past nine years to review and discuss the Israeli constitutional and administrative reality, as well as to gain an insight as to the state of things in other countries.

Here, for the first time since the establishment of the Israel Bar Association, 49 years ago, we are conducting here in Eilat, a joint conference of the Israel Bar and the ABA, Section of International Law. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the establishment of this international conference, to the president-elect of the ABA, Steve Zack, to the Immediate Past Chair of ABA International, Aaron Schildhaus, who has been in most of our annual conferences, and to the ABA staff. 

On our end, I would like to thank Reli Leshem, the entire organizing committee, to the staff of the Israel Bar headed by the general manager, Linda Shafir, to the staff of the Institute of Continuing Legal Studies headed by the general manager, Miri Hadad-Sapir, to the chairperson, Eytan Epstein, and to Hila Rozen from his office, and special thanks to the international relations director, Dikla Elkabets. To all of our ABA friends – get used to this. This is just a first conference out of many to follow. We will be delighted to see you here in Israel with us many more times.

I would like to thank the Israeli Justice Minister, Prof. Yaakov Neeman, and the Attorney General of Israel, Mr. Yehuda Weinstein, who have also honored us with their presence tonight.   

The Israel Bar Association aspires to fulfill its mandate of defending human rights and promoting the rule of law, to the best of its ability, and it is for that reason, that we are delighted to see the Conference becoming more and more international every year, this year we also have with us the presidents of the UIA and CCBE, Mr. Corrado De Martini and Mr. Hose Davo-Fernandez and we thank you all very much for honoring us with your presence, as well as for allowing us to have this important process of exchanging thoughts and knowledge.

I wish you the most pleasant stay here in sunny Eilat. 

Thank you. 

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